Friday, January 22, 2010

King Arthur Flour

A few weeks ago I went to King Arthur Flour up in Vermont.  It was an amazing trip.  I went with my mom, Allison, Joseph, Mark and Joann.  We spent a little time at the factory store, exploring the glory that is King Arthur Flour, sampling desserts and enjoying the delicious smells that came from the bakery section.  While we were up there, we went to a restaurant called Murphy's in Hanover (I think) and a Co-op.

I got so many awesome things at King Arthur and the Co-op including a shirt, cake flour, sourdough flavoring, a mug, and the tahini that I made hummus with yesterday.  They even threw in some pina colada scone mix since I spent $25.  When we went to the co-op, I discovered that they sell King Arthur's cake flour for like 45 cents a lb!  That's significantly less than I paid at King Arthur, but everything else was so unique that I'm okay with that.

Pictures after the jump

Some pictures from our day...

Joseph was saying "no cheese"

Collecting the goodies

Joe was saying cheese, just not looking in the right direction

They had this set up in the entry way, had to take a picture of course!

Before Joseph took every book in reach off of the shelf.

If you ever get a chance to go up to King Arthur, it is worth the trip.  The whole area is gorgeous, even in the winter.  Dartmouth is about 2 minutes away from the factory and it seemed like every bakery made their products with King Arthur flour. 

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